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Clinical trial transparency services

Clinical trial transparency obligations (CTT) are foundational to your company’s commitment to patient centricity. Achieving compliance with diverse and evolving global regulations is challenging and requires:
  • A deep understanding of how the regulations impact individual clinical studies and company processes.
  • The ability to apply this knowledge to create disclosure documents that are “right first time”.
  • Monitoring the progress of all disclosure documents across your clinical trial portfolio.
Krystelis offers comprehensive services to help you meet these obligations. Our proven approach has evolved during our decades of experience in this area.

Services offered

National and International Clinical Trial Registry Services Icon

National and international clinical trial registry services

Our comprehensive services for clinical trial registries include:
  • Protocol registration*
  • Clinical trial record data entry and maintenance support for registries*
  • Results disclosure**
  • XML generation for safety data
  • Protocol and SAP redaction
  • Liaising with regulatory/registry points of contact
Transparency compliance monitoring Icon

Transparency compliance monitoring

Study tracking and CTT compliance monitoring is integral to all CTT activities. We take full accountability for compliance by:
  • Assessing CTT obligations at the study or marketing authorisation application (MAA)-level
  • Creating robust plans to meet the obligations
  • Regularly monitoring progress and mitigating risks encountered
Redaction and Anonymisation Services Icon

Redaction and anonymisation services

We offer end-to-end support for redaction and anonymisation:
  • Assessment of source documents for PPD
  • Re-identification risk-assessment
  • Preparation of an anonymisation plan
  • Identification of CCI
  • Literature search to confirm CCI
  • Anonymisation/redaction of PPD
  • Redaction of CCI and preparation of justification table/proposed redaction control sheet
  • Preparation of the anonymisation report

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Plain language summary (PLS) services Icon

Plain language summary (PLS) services

We offer end-to-end PLS services:
  • Plain language protocol synopsis
  • Plain language summaries for clinical trial results
  • Plain language summaries for publications
  • Implementing processes for PLSs
  • Health literacy review
  • Graphic design support (infographics and template design)
  • Comic or video formats of summaries
  • Review of material by a patient representative panel (patient panel review) or public representatives (non-scientific panel review)
  • Translation and dissemination

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Transparency regulatory consulting Icon

Transparency regulatory consulting

Our comprehensive understanding of transparency regulations and in-depth experience in this area for the past 15 years allows us to provide expert advice and unique insights on dealing with challenging situations related to CTT.
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*Protocol registration and maintenance activities on international registries (e.g., ClinicalTrials.govEudraCT, and EU CTIS) and national registries (e.g., Kenya registry and JapicCTI)

**Results disclosure on international registries (e.g., ClinicalTrials.govEudraCT, and EU CTIS) and national registries (e.g., Spanish ReEC and Argentina National registry of health research)

Experience of our experts

Have been working in CTT for over 15 years

Deep understanding of current and emerging global regulatory requirements

Frequent interaction with regulatory/registry reviewers

Completed thousands of transparency deliverables across all TAs and phases

Significant contributions to industry forums and the development of regulations

Produced publications, white papers, and posters on CTT developments

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