Harnessing the Power of Videos in Medical Communications

Harnessing the Power of Videos in Medical Communications

Medical communications play a critical role in drug development and healthcare by creating information and disseminating this to a diverse audience including healthcare professionals, researchers, regulatory bodies, and patients.

Digital advancements are redefining how medical information is shared, with video formats emerging as a popular and powerful medium. Videos are an excellent tool for conveying information in an engaging and accessible manner. Animations, in particular, are extremely effective at explaining complex concepts, making it easier for audiences to understand and retain information.

Ways in which organisations can incorporate video formats into their medical communication strategies

  • Healthcare Professional (HCP) Education: HCPs benefit from instructional videos that keep them updated on new treatments, medical devices, procedures, and best practices.
  • Staff Training: Videos provide dynamic training for medical staff, covering topics from procedural techniques to the latest medical developments.
  • Patient Awareness: Educational videos explain medical conditions, treatment options, and surgical procedures in a clear and patient-friendly manner.
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment: Videos can effectively communicate the purpose, procedures, and benefits of clinical trials to potential participants, increasing enrollment and engagement.
  • Dissemination of Scientific Developments: Videos facilitate the dissemination of research findings, conference highlights, and expert interviews within the scientific community while presenting complex data in an easily digestible format.
  • Communication of Trial Results: Videos are engaging supplementary material that could be shared alongside standard PDF versions of plain language trial results summaries with the trial participants and the general public.

Here is an anonymized sample of a plain language trial results summary developed by Krystelis for trial participants and the general public to inform them about the results of the trial.

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